New kitchen created to teach home-cooking skills

Claire washing up in the new teaching kitchen

Thanks to funding from London Borough of Lambeth we’ve developed a new kitchen facility at our teaching site at We Are 336 in Brixton. Our students can now learn home-cooking skills and the know-how to prepare simple healthy meals independently.

Fully accessible, with countertops specially adapted for wheelchair use, the purpose-built kitchen is equipped with the types of appliances and utensils you’d have at home. It also has a large kitchen table for people to serve food on and taste and enjoy their dishes, and to act as extra preparation space. A large monitor is mounted on the adjacent wall to display easy-read recipes for people to follow.

We specialise in helping people learn the life skills needed to live healthier, more independent lives, and make their own choices. Most of our students have learning disabilities who on average experience significant health disadvantages, dying much younger from preventable diseases than people without learning disabilities. Good nutrition is fundamental to living a healthy life, so learning how to prepare healthy food is vital.

Cooking independently will be a key part of our independent living skills programme but all students at Share’s sites may visit and use the centre, with those based at Brixton able to make their own healthy lunches on a daily basis.

Our new Brixton kitchen space to teach home-cooking skills

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