New community based project launching in Brixton

Exercising in the park

Share has developed a new project called Get Out and About to run out of our Lambeth site at We Are 336 in Brixton from September 2021. Open to all students regardless of which borough they live in, the course is designed for those who travel independently and builds on the skills already learnt on our successful independent living programme, My Community and Me.

Get Out and About aims to help people find out what’s going on in the local area, independently use gyms, libraries, and other facilities as well as take part in adult community classes, local community volunteering opportunities, and more.

Share is committed to opening up new possibilities that allow people to learn in practical real-life settings, helping them become more independent. Connecting with other organisations and meeting new people builds confidence and self-esteem. Like much of Share's work, Get Out and About is user-led, so our students will be directly involved in shaping the programme’s direction.

For more information about joining a class at Share please get in touch with Gabrielle, call 020 7924 2949, email or apply online.


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