My Community and Me

In 2019 we launched My Community and Me, an independent living skills course based in the community rather than in a classroom setting. It helps people with learning disabilities feel more included in society, form connections with those around them, and become more confident about getting out in public.

Students learn valuable skills about how to:
  • use public transport
  • stay healthy
  • go shopping and use money
  • access local services
  • use mobiles, tablets and apps
  • make friends
  • stay happy, calm and relaxed

The project is user-led - students complete regular surveys to track progress. Alongside information gathered as part of our student star and individual goal setting, this ensures that learning is tailored to the needs of the group.

Learning is practical - students are learning in real-life settings in the community. And meeting new people in new environments helps with self-esteem.

Strong links with home - regular feedback to parents and carers helps embed learning outside of Share in home settings. 

Builds community awareness - we build connections with many organisations and work closely with them to provide feedback on their services. This helps improve public awareness and access for people with disabilities.



'We went to the dentist. Cleaning teeth. Chris had his teeth cleaned. Fillings. The dentist puts on a mask and gloves. It was a good trip. Eating - no chocolate, no crisps - eat banana and water - healthy!'


'(You can go to the pharmacy if) you have a sore in your mouth or a bad cough or if you have a bad back or itchy eye. You can buy toothpaste and deodorant.'